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If you need pumps, valves, fittings, appliances, foam systems, emergency lighting, scene lighting, generators, heaters, heat pans,
plumbing, slide trays, racks, compartments, doors, hose, or any other item related to your fire apparatus, CALL US!


HAIX® is the go-to source and the world’s leading manufacturer for high-quality comfortable boots and footwear.


MSA is the largest supplier of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Thermal Imaging Cameras, and Portable Gas Detection Equipment.


From traditional helmets to innovative European-style helmets, MSA Cairns provides the trusted protection you need.


Quaker Safety offers turnout gear with advanced designs, customized options and the latest in fabric technologies.


Res-Q-Jack® strives to provide high quality, easy-to-use and reliable products that are always up to face any challenge.


TNT Rescue Systems Inc. is the premier manufacturer of Powered Hydraulic Rescue Tools, backed with a Forever Warranty.


  • Akron Brass

  • Aluminum Ladder Company

  • American Airworks

  • AMPS Generators

  • Amsoil

  • Arctic Compressors

  • Armored Textiles Inc.

  • Cast Products Inc.

  • CET

  • Class 1 Inc.

  • Code-3

  • Dragon Fire Gloves

  • Elkhart Brass

  • Federal Signal

  • Ferrara (Parts & Service)

  • FireAde 2000 Foams

  • FireHooks

  • Fire Research Corp.

  • Fold-A-Tank

  • Gerber Outerwear

  • Glas-Master

  • Gore Products

  • Gortite Doors and Tracks

  • Grace Industries

  • Haix Footwear

  • Hale Pumps & Products

  • Hannay Reels

  • Hanscom K Camera Systems

  • Harrington Appliances

  • Harrison Generators

  • Havis

  • HME Trucks

  • Husky Portable Containment

  • Junkin Safety Appliance

  • Key Fire Hose

  • Kochek

  • Kussmaul Electronics

  • Lightning X Products

  • MC Instruments

  • MDI Traffic Control

  • MSA

  • Northline

  • North Shore Compressors

  • OnSpot

  • PAC

  • Pelican Products

  • PGI/King Cobra Hoods

  • Power Port Products

  • Pro-Poly Tanks & Bodies

  • Quaker Safety Apparel

  • Quickfist Mounting

  • Res-Q-Jack Struts and Jacks

  • ROM Doors

  • Safety Gear USA

  • Safeview Backup Cameras

  • Scotty Inc.

  • South Park

  • Tempest Technology

  • Titan

  • TNT Rescue Systems Inc.

  • Topps Safety Apparel

  • Unifire

  • United Poly Fabricators

  • Vetter Rescue Equip. & Tents

  • Victaulic

  • Waterous

  • Weldon

  • Whelen

  • W.S. Darley & Co.

  • Zico/Ziamatic


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FireAde 2000 has successfully completed the Wetting Agent/NFPA 18-2006 testing. FireAde 2000 is also UL Listed as a "Foam Liquid Concentrate" having complied with the UL 162 testing. This accomplishment with dual UL Listings confirms that FireAde 2000 is a "true" Class A and Class B product.  Environmentally safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and bio-degradable, FireAde 2000 features provide the most cost effective way to extinguish fires.